​Niagara Wedding Planner

Congratulations... You're Getting Married!

But did you know the average wedding takes over 250 hours to plan!?! Who has that much time in their busy lives these days?  Let A Divine Affair bring your dreams of a beautiful, stress-free wedding to life.  Jennie is a skilled and certified professional Wedding Planner, that can assist you in the planning of this special day!  She will make it everything you ever dreamed it would be!

Jennie can be involved every step of the way!  From the popping of the question and preparation of your budget to the selection of the venue and vendors and creating design ideas.  Overseeing the finest details of the most important day of your life, we can do all the work so you don't have to... 
Just sit back and Enjoy!

Jennie has collected all the information on venues and vendors for you, and will make suggestions based on your individual budget, theme and personalities.  Being a Full Time Wedding Planner for so long, she has developed wonderful relationships with so many of Niagara's vendors and venues, ensuring you great value and service. 

You may know exactly what you want... let A Divine Affair help you implement your ideas.  Or maybe you have a few or possibly no ideas at all... let her WOW you with hers!  A Divine Affair does not make decisions for you.  This is YOUR special day.  It is about you. Jennie will guide you through the process so you can make informed decisions.  You do not have to be bothered with any details on your Wedding day.  We will make sure that everything is taken care of and managed exactly as you envisioned it.   We will coordinate your day to ensure everything runs flawlessly from start to finish... no matter what may arise!
Our passion, knowledge and attention to detail will guarantee a special day with spectacular memories that will last you a lifetime. 
Enjoy yourself and leave the work to A Divine Affair!

The Day of your Dreams.  Planned Beautifully